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June 3, 4, 5, 2016
South Austin Studio

KOZYWORLD is a dance
is a dance that invites reciprocity
gets under, cover, weight/waits, moves
is a   _______   performance that is influenced by words, by concept in
fashion, and by this mysterious thing, togetherness
is a culmination of several weeks’ practice at NY State’s Lake Cayuga
and TX’s Austin
answers the call of cloth
is a response to the possibilities of the imagination and
is an attempt to grok our overlapping practices, particularly in
relation to  i m a g e
is a trio with Julie Nathanielsz, Margit Galanter, and shimmering spaces
regards material as intercom and high-lighter of the fullness of the felt
pushes the limits of a minimum of construction
zooms in on the energies of stitch, fastener, fold
is (working as we speak)    >>
is a conversation
is a land where we receive what we see and what we receive sticks,
attaches, puckers, and takes shape
puts sleeves on a blanket, calls it a garment
is a place where we dance, sew, write, draw, investigate, and commune
is a nexus made through the actions we follow
is a field to offer/dismantle a world —  to our viewers and ourselves, —
and by doing so, experiment in new culture

crop duo

Leon Alessi
Brandon Gonzales





Electric Shocks

Collaboration with Maija Hynninen, Eero Tiittula, Suvi Matinaro,  Markus Serala, Alejandro Montes.
Test vid (vimeo)
Performances @ ElectriCITY Festival, Helsinki
September 2015
Trailer (vimeo)